Definitive end for the Lensworld-Kuota ladies team

After our announcement that we had to retire the team, due to the pull out of our main sponsor Lensworld through an acquisition, we still tried to find a replacement in time.
The disbelief, media support and sponsor tips helped us, but ultimately we have to decide that we do not want to run a team with half measures.

Meanwhile most riders have found a team or club and we thank these teams for their understanding and cooperation!

In particular, I would really like to thank all the sponsors who have given us their complete confidence for all these years!

And of course all the people who have sympathized with us and tried to help us, but unfortunately we lost this race against time.

Pro women's racing is now in a huge progression and we will definitely keep following all of you!

Heidi Van De Vijver
Rik Hofmans


Photos: David Pintens, Bart Hazen, Krist Vanmelle, Geert Nachtergaele, Paul Hinninck

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