No Lensworld-Kuota ladies team in the peloton in 2018

Recently, Lensworld was taken over by LensOnline and the latter did not endorse the women's cycling team's sponsorship. Totally unexpected and problematic, of course, because we had already contracted or promised riders.

"Without Lensworld, it's not possible to work further in a professional way," says team manager Heidi Van De Vijver. "Even though there is still hope for a solution, the short time is the main obstacle to find a new main sponsor and I can not ask the riders to wait until the very last moment."
"Belgium is big in cycling organizations and there are also many men's and women's teams at various levels, but in this small country it is not obvious to find a main sponsor so fast. By 2019 yes, but most companies had already spent their advertising budget for the coming year. This year we ended up with the smallest budget as the best Belgian team, we were able to compete at the highest level and after all these years we became a highly appreciated team. We already had a beautiful race team for 2018, so this is incredibly bad for all those involved."

"Obviously, I'm very grateful to Lensworld that we have been able to count on them for the past 5 years and that we have come such a long way with all the other partners. It's the timing that was unfortunately."

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