Victory for Kaat Hannes in Wenduine (Nat.)

For the national race in Wenduine, Kim de Baat, Nathalie Verschelden and Kaat Hannes represented the Lensworld-Kuota team in a peloton with a lot of foreign riders for a race over 98km. The peloton departed with a reconnaissance round with the well-known "hoge BI" Club of Wenduine.

After the Franch rider Elize Delzenne (Lotto-Soudal) had led the race for a few laps, the race remained difficult to control with three riders. Offence is the best defense and so it was Kaat Hannes who forced the deciding break. So halfway the race we had a nice leading group of 12 riders, including Kim De Baat. The group quickly expanded their lead.

It was still exciting, because not everyone wanted to wait for a sprint. But eventually all 12 riders got to the finish for a long sprint. Kaat Hannes (Belgian Champion 2016) was launched by Kim de Baat and took the win with a convincing sprint!

Kim De Baat still got third place and so both riders were able to get a taste of a huge Malheur on the podium. Congratulations ladies!

1. Kaat Hannes (Lensworld-Kuota)
2. Sarah Ingelbrecht (Lares-Waowdeals)
3. Kim De Baat (Lensworld-Kuota)

Photo: Krist Vanmelle


Photos: Krist Vanmelle, Donald Peuteman, Paul Hinninck

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